Omicron Delta Epsilon



Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the world’s largest academic honor societies. It was created through the merger of two other older economics honoraries.
The first, Omicron Delta Gamma, was founded in 1915 at the University of Wisconsin and Harvard University. The younger economics honor society was called Omicron Chi Epsilon, and was founded in 1955 at the City College of New York. The merger of these two honoraries in 1963 created the current international honor society, Omicron Delta Epsilon, which now has more than 715 chapters located throughout the world.

Omicron Delta Epsilon was created by students and faculty in order to serve the needs of students of economics. The objectives of ODE include:

  1. The recognition of high scholastic attainment and honoring outstanding achievements in economics.
  2. The establishment of closer ties between students and faculty in economics within colleges and universities.
  3. The publication of the official journal, The American Economist, which publishes professional and student papers in economics.
  4. The sponsorship of three national awards for outstanding work by young economists. 

Recent Inductees:

Spring 2023

Margaret Catherine Holder     
Andrew Moore

Fall 2022

Ryan Alexander   
Juan P. Cedeno
Eric B. Giometti
Haley P. Hayes
Adam B. Houston
Matthew C. Mair
Antoni N. Marvin
Craig S. McFarland
Gabriel M. Montalbano
Sean F. Riordan
Lauren M. Smith
Caleb R. Snyder
Steven R. Striplin

Spring 2022

Alexander Brown
Sean Christy
Ben Clary Holt
Haley Loflin
Parker Reid
Carson Robinette
Kirsten Seely

Fall 2021

Jonathan Buckley
Cindy Chen
Roxanne Day
Rachel Dieringer
Grace Gliwa
Luke Halodik
Lauren Elizabeth Murphy
Angela Ruggles
Andrew Willard
Connor Lubsen
Haywood Ferguson