Ensuring your successful future


No matter what the future holds, an economics major helps people succeed. Understanding how decisions are made, how markets work, how rules affect outcomes, and how economic forces drive social systems will equips people to make better decisions and solve more problems. This translates to success in work and in life.

Though economics majors enjoy relatively high starting salaries, the key indicator of the value of an economics major is long-term success and lifetime earnings. A recent study (PDF, 194 KB) finds the lifetime earnings of economics majors outpaces other business major, social science majors, and even general engineering majors. Another study (PDF, 1.2 MB) finds that lawyers with an undergraduate degree in economics earn $10,000 more annually than other lawyers. And an analysis of S&P 500 CEOs (PDF, 289 KB) showed that economics majors are more likely to become a CEO than any other major.

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