Past Delegations

Find bio information and research from past App State COP participants below.

The 27th COP took place in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from November 7 - 18, 2022. The App State delegation attended during the first week. 2022 Syllabus | Website 

Jonathan Buckley

Degree Program: BA Economics

Area of Expertise: Urban Planning

"Understanding the functions and processes going into global climate events such as this would give me great insight into the international cooperation, agreements, and disagreements the nations of the world have with one-another."

Rachel Crabb

Degree Program: BS Sustainable Development

Area of Expertise: Environmental Law & Policy

"I would love to gain a better understanding of the pathways that policies take during events such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and how those policies are changed and shaped along the way until they become an agreed upon goal, such as what happened during the 2015 COP in Paris."

Chelsea Gulliver

Degree Program: MBA (Sustainable Business)

Area of Expertise: Mitigation & Adaptation

"The best chance that Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have to influence global change is through collective action at the United Nations."

Luke Halodik

Degree Program: MBA (Economics)

Area of Expertise: Fisheries Management

"I want to learn how climate change is being managed on a global scale and the efforts and negotiations that countries are proposing and how they could affect our future."a

Matthew Mair

Degree Program: BA Economics, BS Political Science

Area of Expertise: Environmental Policy

"I hope to combine my economic background with my knowledge of political science to create meaningful change in the world in terms of climate policy."

Grace Waugh

Degree Program: BS Sustainable Technology

Area of Expertise: Renewable Energy

"By participating in this course, I will be able to engage with peers of different backgrounds and disciplines, enriching my understanding through their experiential contributions and creative ideas and further preparing me for my future as an environmental authority on the international stage."