Economics professor is part of multidisciplinary team investigating stormwater runoff

Using the Boone Creek watershed that runs through Appalachian State University’s campus as a laboratory, an interdisciplinary research team at Appalachian has been studying impacts from stormwater runoff and how to manage that runoff.In addition to assessing how to reduce runoff, the team has conducted surveys throughout the Appalachian region to learn more about public perceptions of stormwater. 

“We found that people are somewhat concerned about runoff, generally, as a water quality issue,” said research team member Tanga Mohr, professor in Appalachian’s Department of Economics. “Those people who were concerned, did report a willingness to install stormwater management technologies on their property,” she added.

Funding for this survey work was provided by the Research Institute for Environment, Energy and Economics at Appalachian.

Full story: Respondents willingness to pay for stormwater management and reduced negative effects from runoff.

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Published: Jul 22, 2019 7:55am