Economics professor delivers keynote address at international conference, discusses applications of economics on key social issues

Dr. Mark Strazicich, a professor in the Department of Economics at Appalachian State University, recently served as a keynote speaker for the ninth international conference, An Enterprise Odyssey: Managing Change to Achieve Quality Development

The conference was held on the University of Zagreb's campus in Croatia. Strazicich was one of two keynote speakers (the other was Ulrich Hommel from Germany's EBS Business School), and the event allowed him to partner with the faculty of Economics and Business from Zagreb.

Strazicich's talk, Testing for Convergence and What Have We Learned?, addressed long-run economic growth and testing the theoretical prediction that per capita incomes among countries will become equal over time.

"Incomes are becoming more equal over time among the industrialized countries, but not for the world as a whole," said Strazicich. "Many low-income countries are not catching up." 

Strazicich also discussed applications of testing for similar convergence in not only income, but also in other key social measures such as air pollution and housing prices.

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Published: Jun 14, 2018 3:45pm